Showroom Component for SAP Commerce (Hybris) by Querplex

Have You ever thought about making the Customer Experience (CX) more fun in your SAP Commerce Storefront?

Do You want Your customers to stay longer on the page and buy more products? 

Or do You want to show more in one place?

Just by clicking on the product on the image?


 With a new feature called the Showroom Component, we can easily create a dynamic content page with an image that contains products from your store. 

What is more important, all the clickable products are linked to the products from the Backoffice

Let us show You how it works.

Using our Magic Templates Add-on, You can easily create a 100% slot.

 Now You need to pick a Showroom Component and drop it to the 100% slot.

 The component needs a name, an image, and the data for products and positions that are maintained in a separate editor.

 Defining the products and positions:

 Choose the corresponding product and click on the Add button.

You will see this icon inside the image: 

 You can easily drag the icon to the needed position.

 As you can see, you can add more than one product on the picture.

This makes Your product page interactive and now Your customers can stay longer on one page, being able to see more items on one image

Let’s click save and close.

After finishing the component, you will see a bullet at the same position you defined in the previous step.

 Choose the visualization to preview mode:

 When clicking on the bullet, you will see a tooltip with product data that sends the customer straight to the Product Detail Page.

All the clickable products are connected to the products from the backoffice

This creates a new level of Customer Experience (CX) and a higher level of trust in Your Brand.

Querplex Team will be happy to create an individual offer and a Demo for You to try out all the pros of our Components.

Our background in creating and implementing individual solutions for our clients helps us understand the pain points of content management for SAP Commerce SmartEdit (Hybris) customers.

This is why we are constantly working on creating ready-to-use solutions, that save time and money for investing in Your sales, cause in the end, the main goal is to win.

More About our Magic Templates and Composable Components

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