How to Win in B2B E-commerce with SAP Commerce Cloud

1. Be Agile To Grow And Extend YourBusiness Reach

Adopt new touchpoints quickly with Headless commerce. Consistently deliver experiences that address the varied customer and dealer needs without the back-end platform constraints.

2. Innovate At The Speed Of Your Business

Deliver new experiences and offerings faster and future-proof your business with serverless microservices. Gain the ability to scale, innovate, and meet future business requirements.

3. Simplify The Buying Process

Deliver a self-service portal that hides complex B2B buying processes. Create simple, intuitive experiences for your customers with an integrated, customercentric approach across marketing, commerce, and service.

4. Go Direct To Consumer

Quickly stand up web shops that offer highly personalized, rich experiences while enabling multiple channels as storefronts.

5. Engage Meaningfully With Buyers

Understand individual buyer’s roles, intentions, and sentiments at each touch point, to connect those insights across the entire value chain, to have meaningful engagements with more buyers.