Smart Edit 2105

What' new?

The CX SmartEdit module has evolved a lot since its launch in version 6.4, the intention was clearly to retire the old WCMS cockpit module (that is still present!). The performance and UX were improved and the underline technology stack is slowly been replaced with a more modern Angular version.

Slow shift from Angular 1.8 to 8.x

Some SmartEdit extensions still rely on the old angular version, and a mix between new and gold can still be found on the standard code. While creating your own custom SmartEdit extension, you have the option to use the legacy module and write js files.

Folder Structure
The SmartEdit folder structure changed completely, following a more modern pattern.
Previously, the JS/TS files were exported to a web folder and an import was needed to activate the custom module. This is no longer needed, the module gets compiled and merged with the other SmartEdit modules.

Goodby Grunt

Grunt build is no longer used to build SmartEdit on the CX 2105 version, the rush was the chosen library to replace it. This is one of the bigger changes that can cause some confusion the first glance. A specific module for the building was introduced, the “smartedittools”, make sure that it’s available on your “localextensions.xml”.

Retire the SeModule
The <extension name>SmartEditContainer file was renamed with a legacy prefix, clearly an indication that SAP wants to remove it in future versions, another file was introduced that should be used instead.